Your course of treatment

At the initial consultation I will start by taking a detailed medical history asking about present and past health problems, family history, general health and mechanism of injury. It will save time if you complete a form in advance, so click here to fill in the form.

Please print it off and complete it then bring it with you when you come to your first appointment.

The initial consultation starts with a review of your detailed medical background. You will then undergo a series of biomechanical, movement and neurological tests to help assess the injury and a course of treatment is determined and administered using various therapeutic techniques.

I use both manual and electrotherapy treatment modalities and work in an integrated way.

Diagnosis – thorough patient history and movement assessments.

‘Hands-on’ therapy – to ease muscle and joint problems.

Electrotherapy - to heal tissues and/or reduce pain and inflammation

Rehabilitation Pilates - a series of exercises to strengthen, speed up recovery and eliminate muscle imbalances that may have initially caused the injury

Acupuncture - to address pain

Low level laser therapy - for drug-free pain relief and optimal repair in acute injuries 

The prescribed treatment may have to be delivered over a number of sessions. This will be discussed with you during the consultation. If appropriate, please check with your medical insurance provider that this therapy is covered under the terms of your policy prior to starting a course of treatment.